Growth, growth, growth - heard that one before

The major trends of technology development that we have learned about during our last class are a part of today's world - they are available around you for empirical examination. Concepts like exponential growth, Moore's Law, Gilder's Law, Technological Convergence, are almost certain to have a presence in the future, near and distant.

One trend that fascinates me is the tendency towards integration of all senses into the digital experiece. In Internet it takes the shape of getting beyond the focus on text based environments - ex. the move from email to voice email. Perhaps we will be able to gain back that ear that we have traded for an eye 500 years ago with Gutenberg's invention.

I am also fascinated by Ian Jukes's discussion of the new way of thinking and learning, required by the digital age. He argues that to succeed in the fast-paced, constantly-shifting information age, the fast, adaptable mindset is key. I was very impressed by these lines:

"The new workplace requires lifelong learning"

"Today a 4-year degree is just a beginning of a lifelong learning"

"Today people can't just earn a living, they must learn a living"

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